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Manufacturing Errors!

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Your Pulse Album May Be Incorrectly Assembled!

It was recently brought to my attention that some of 'The Pulse' album's electronic circuitry is assembled incorrectly!

Please Let Me Explain.

I received an email from a visitor to these pages, Michael Nickel from Germany, who needed to replace his Pulse album battery. He followed the instructions within these pages to the letter but when he completed the replacement and inserted the battery he found to his horror that the LED didn't flash!!! He examined the circuit board for any damage but all seemed okay. As a last resort he reversed the battery in its holder and the LED started flashing. On closer examination Michael noted that the battery holder had been fixed to the circuit board the wrong way round during manufacture. The positive connector being just a slightly raised contact indicated by a red mark and of course there is a spring contact for the negative end connection.

This is Michael's story.

I disassembled my Pink Floyd Pulse box, as shown in your excellent web pages, which revealed the LED circuit. The circuit board with the battery carrier was secured with a transparent tape. When I put a new battery into the carrier (incidentally mine was Made in Holland), the LED didn't blink. Just for fun I put it in the other direction, and the LED started to blink !!!

Then, a few months later, a friend of mine gave me his box (Made in UK) to replace the battery. The battery carrier in his was the the right way round.

I think someone in the factory had assembled some of the circuits with the battery holder the wrong way round. When the battery is inserted in the incorrectly fitted holders they need a piece of tape to secure them as they don't fit so well.

Note: My box was new and originally packaged!

Best regards... Michael Nickel from Germany.

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Below are pictures which Michael has sent me of the Incorrectly Assembled Holland Pulse LED Circuit and the Correctly Assembled UK Version.

Wrong Holland Version.
Wrongly Assembled Holland Version.
Correctly Assembled UK Version.
Correctly Assembled UK Version.

As can be clearly seen from the images above, the battery holders are fitted in different directions!
UK & Holland Full View Versions.
UK (top) & Holland (bottom) Version Full Views.
UK & Holland Version Empty Views
UK (top) & Holland (bottom) Version Empty Views

The top circuit in the right hand image has the letters 'RS' marked on the battery holder this refers to the electronic component distributors RS (Radio Spares). I wonder why there is a red dot on the bottom circuit in the bottom images? It would have been more appropriate to mark the other end of the holder with a red dot to indicate this to be the correct positive battery connection!

The Conclusion.

Although this error is a minor inconvenience when replacing the Pulse battery it seems to do no harm to the delicate electronics which control the flashing LED. I think it would be inadvisable to leave the battery connected incorrectly for too long though as this may result in permanent damage to the delicate electronics.

Thanks to Michael.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael for bring this problem/error to my attention and ultimately your attention also. The pictures he sent me are superb, comparing them to the original pictures which I took of the Pulse battery replacement it is clearly apparent how digital photography has improve over the years!

Contact Information

If you would like to contact Michael to discuss this issue further or any other aspect of  'The Pulse' or Pink Floyd and their albums then contact me and I will pass on Michaels email address to you.

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